So suddenly there’s a lot of attention around email and it’s exposing how many people in the web community still use Gmail. Like actually trust all your personal information and communication (and that of your potentially marginalised or vulnerable contacts) with Google. 🤮

There are a lot of hard problems and lack of alternatives when it comes to rights-respecting technology. But email (as imperfect as it is) has a fair few affordable alternative providers. Small change, big difference.


Maybe I’ve not been saying it loudly or frequently enough for the last however-many years…

Privacy is not a luxury.

Same with accessibility. Neither are luxuries, they’re life-sustaining rights. And you’re unusually privileged if you’ve not had to care about either.

@laura I am glad other people also see this problem. "Improvement" today go wrong direction, when privacy become more and more restricted to lucky, tech savvy individuals. Like kind of occult, esoteric knowledge. Casual person, who want to have phone, practically don't have a choice. Getting rid of nasty spyware given by default requires some skills. So everyone now has to be IT/network/mobile expert to live peacefully without unwanted eyes? 😕

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