Had a fun time chatting with the lovely folks of Thundernerds podcast this evening. Pretty chuffed to be amongst their impressive lineup. You can already get the video at youtube.com/channel/UCKVwy3EgR

‪First slick move in this new year: noisily trip up the stairs in house full of sleeping babes. Yeah, 32 isn’t any less clumsy than 31.‬

‪Turning 32 with a house full of Kalbags. So much of my heart under one roof.‬

Making progress on the layout for the @better update with @laura’s grid work.

That was an unusually tame toot from me. I’m turning 32 at the end of the week, maybe I’m becoming (more) boring as I age.

I do a lot of comparing what’s loading on desktop and mobile versions of sites. It is baffling to me that so many folks still put so much work into separate sites rather than doing responsive design.

Folks using their Mastodon profile fields for pronouns are so smart!

@BridgetCReed I love how you’ve used your profile fields. So cute!

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When the css-tricks site goes down, we all realise how much we rely on it. Chris and his team write the best, most thorough and reliable, stuff. I go back to the almanac on selectors *constantly.* Also loving the beginners series to recommend to newbies.

For my one year bookiversary, you can get an extra 10% off the Accessibility For Everyone paperback and ebook combo if you buy it today.


(Ends September 28 at 11:59pm EDT.)

If you didn’t read it yet (or even want to read it again…!) you can always listen to the audiobook on Audible. The whole book takes less than an afternoon…


It’s been one whole year since my book, Accessibility For Everyone, came out in paperback and ebook from A Book Apart.

Did you read it? Did it help you make more accessible websites? Please tell me you enjoyed it more than @gigapup did…

Better Blocker: thank you for our best week yet!


@laura and I want to thank those of you who purchased @better last week. Thanks to you, we had our best week ever and sold over 2,500 units. That’s quite something given that we have sold just over 20,000 units in total over the last two years.

The Better Blocker macOS app became the #1 paid app overall in the Netherlands and Guatalama App Stores, entered the top ten in 14 countries, & was in the top 100 in 27 countries.

💙 Better for Mac is now available on the App Store, ready for macOS Mojave’s release later today.


We’ve made the app simpler, easier to use, and just as effective as before.

It’s also more affordable at $0.99, £0.99, €1.09—we’ve reduced the price because we want more people to be protected by Better on the web.

‪There is no cuter sound in the world than @gigapup’s muffled barking and howling while he dreams‬

Yay! The radical redesign of @better for macOS Mojave (to match the iOS 12 redesign) is now waiting for review.

Once it is approved, we will be releasing it alongside macOS Mojave itself on Monday at the new lowest-tier price ($0.99/£0.99/€1.09…) to match the iOS version.

(You can read more on our reasoning around the design and pricing in my earlier blog post: ar.al/2018/09/14/better-simple)

Now, Laura and I are off to get some lunch and celebrate :awesome: 🎉


Turns out that VoiceOver pronounces my surname correctly, so I’m going to use that next time a human being keeps mispronouncing my name even though I told them how.

Going to go get drenched with @gigapup. Walking in the woods behind his fluffy bum usually cheers me up.

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