If you want to read or watch the whole talk, it’s up at If you want to read or watch the whole talk, it’s up at noti.st/laurakalbag/firuh2

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Now of course I see the typo in the slides transcript/screenshot. 😞

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For those who won’t follow the link:
IAB Europe’s ad tracking consent framework found to fail GDPR standard

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Managed to have a stretched-out birthday week thanks to @aral spoiling me rotten, making up for being separated from my family by covid restrictions, 500km and the Irish sea.

Topped the week off with a stinking cold. Just got to get through today to make it to new Discovery!

As a tracking nerd (as in I hate it, but know a fair bit about it), the subtitle on this article made me chuckle. This is a really great explainer about first party vs third-party tracking, focusing on Facebook:


I think any person building stuff for the web should be subscribed to The Markup. They’re publishing really useful explainers, and giving us a lot of insight into the impact of “our” common practices.

Or should that be…

Tech boys… websites as fragile as their javascript-riddled egos.

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This toot brought to you by my work this afternoon:

Q: “Why does the content not load on this site?”
A: Third-party JS!
Q: “Why are all the links on this site broken?”
A: Third-party JS!

Text and links should not require another person’s JavaScript to work.

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Tech boys… egos as fragile as their javascript-riddled websites.

Pretty immense lineup for Inclusive Design 24, and it’s free with no registration required! Know what I’ll be doing this THURSDAY…

(Corrected because I am bad at timezones)


Turns out that I still get nervous before an online conference talk! But I’m set up and ready to go for SmashingConf! (Thanks @aral for the photo.)


Making myself a little web tool and using a whole range of stuff that @ChrisFerdinandi’s Vanilla JS Academy taught me.

I struggled with JavaScript for a decade so I really would recommend it for anyone who needs a big friendly confidence-booster.

The projects also have a focus on accessibility and writing great HTML. All the good stuff!

It’s also a really friendly, inclusive and supportive community (and I don’t say any of those words lightly!)


A few weeks ago I recorded a short video for the NYC School’s Tech Summit and the Eastern Partnership Civil Society Hackathon about accessibility in 2020. A lot of work went into it, so I thought I may as well share it with everyone!


Sometimes lineups aren’t finalised when you’re asked to speak. This is a poor excuse. Specify that you will pull out of an event if you find yourself on an all-white lineup.

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Not got an event rider? Write one! It’s a really easy way to set expectations. Use it (and your privilege) to make events more inclusive. You can also use it for accessibility requirements (ask for captioning!) You can use a rider for online events too.

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