I don’t post like I used to because the responses from men have become unbearable. The gamut of creepy, condescending or copycat. They do it in person at conferences too, which makes me think twice about speaking. (And I witness this being far worse for women less white than me.)

@laura this list is just so mind-boggling. So good of Ali to have put in the effort to compile this. More allies need to see this to understand how bad the situation is.
I am so sorry for how disgusting and disrespectful men are. The culture is so gross it makes me want to _not_ be a part of the community.
I really hope you can feel safe and respected when doing what you like and talking about it. I want to keep reading about your important work and ideas.

@laura "love" the Linus quote:

Talk is cheap, show me the code

if talk is so cheap, then why is Linus getting paid 1.8$/year for all his shittalking?


same. I'd almost imagine these little boys haven't seen the graph about how harassment actually works, because they haven't, and they don't care.

callow little shitfucks, all in a thread

@laura Wow. That's SUPER shitty. It's really mind boggling how different the experience is for men vs women. Props to Ali for posting those screencaps and you for sharing too (but I understand why most people don't do that, as I'm sure it opens more harassment). As a guy, I don't think most of us realize *how* bad it really is.

Personally, I feel like I'm a bother if I respond to multiple of a person's posts, so I think there's a portion of us that thinks *we're* the reason people leave spaces.

@laura I'm very sorry to hear that. For what it's worth, I've been interviewing a lot of people lately to fill developer positions. Out of all the candidates, only three were women but it so happens they're the only ones we made offers to. They really just were the best candidates.

@laura Good opportunity to say "Thank you, for what you and aral are doing." :flan_cheer:

@laura sorry to hear this many of us are working hard to try and help where we can. Keep on trucking. Take solace tomorrow many positive posts and stories I hope. I’m finishing up my post on diversity in games and helping support our women in game event Monday evening in Southampton.

@laura this is the worst. i am so sorry you (sg. and pl.) have to deal with this. :<

@laura Absolutely brutal. I wonder what's going to have to change for this kind of nonsense to stop... maybe just further exposure and education? If I ever have to educate someone pulling this kind of nonsense I certainly shall. I've got two boys I'm raising and they won't be going this direction.

Sending much positivity and strength your way, best as I can.

@laura Some people are disgusting. As a climate scientist I also get a little of this, but my female colleagues get it much worse.

What solved it nearly perfectly for me on Twitter was BlockTogether. This is an app where you can block people as a group. So that people are blocked before they abuse you.

How bad is it here on Mastodon? I have not seen any climate "sceptics" yet, but plenty of men around. Could we need BlockTogether here as well?

@laura I knew we men have a hard time understanding feminism and women's everyday struggle, but this just literally made my jaw drop

@laura Thank you for your thoughtful, intelligent, and uplifting work. You improve life and I'm sorry there are people who carelessly or maliciously do the opposite. I am grateful for good people like you.

Sorry to hear this continues, @laura

We have so much further to go. It's good that at least now we're able to say it happens, to hell with those who don't believe it :-/

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