I’m sick of playing weekly whack-a-mole with nasty trackers on popular sites. If a site is trying this hard to invade our privacy & extract our personal information, we should stop visiting them, regulate them as malware, shut them down, and fire everyone responsible into the sun.

@laura it's the first time I'd see a proper use to Elon Musk's deliriums: he could build us a machine to fire said people into the sun. #RecycleYourShittyBillionnaire @skynebula


Arrgghh. Yes. Searching for ways to use up herbs/seasonings yesterday. [Cap'n Kirk] Every. Other. Damn. Recipe. Site. Wants. Adblocker. Turned. Off. [/Cap'n Kirk] Screw that. I'll have saltines and peanut butter for dinner first. >:

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