They’re making a Discovery spinoff about Section 31 starring the Philippa Georgiou character? YES PLEASE.

@laura is that Star Trek? If so have you seen The Orville?

@david it is. I found the first episode of The Orville utterly unbearable in its lazy stereotypes bordering on misogyny. But I hear that it improved?

@laura I don't remember the first episode but they do tackle some good topics going forwards. Definitely got better for me after first ep or two.

@laura Did everyone already forget she is like, almost literally Hitler in season one

@Gargron that’s one of the things that makes it such an interesting dynamic!

@Jason_Dodd @laura I just like that she's Michelle Yeoh. Otherwise I basically agree with… -- this is action space opera, certainly not speculative science fiction and certainly not Roddenberry science fiction.
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