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Hi folks. Can anyone recommend a good English instructor for 1-1 remote sessions? Looking for someone to help a beginner with their conversational English a few times a week. Their current spoken languages are Farsi with some Finnish.

We’re sorry to announce that Better is no longer with us.

Yay, Comet – my little Git commit message editor for elementary OS 6 – is now on AppCenter :)


Thanks for all the help @cassidyjames and @danrabbit

#elementaryOS #comet

If you’re looking for an alternative, we recommend 1Blocker ( by Salavat and Alex.

Salavat has kindly offered 3-months free to anyone switching from Better to 1Blocker and he will be donating 30% of all revenue from those accounts to Small Technology Foundation on a monthly basis to help fund our work.

To take advantage of this offer, please contact Alex via email at or on Twitter at

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My response to “What is one thing people can do to make their website better?” on CSS-Tricks:

My talk at PrivacyWeek Vienna, Big Tech is a virus, Small Tech is the vaccine, starts in ~30 minutes.

Watch live at:

Q&A room afterwards:


In 15 minutes I’ll be speaking live at about “People might actually use this” and the intersection between privacy and inclusivity. Just moved house over the weekend, and managed to get the office space together just in time 🤞

It’s that wonderful time of year where you get free online talks about inclusive design for a whole 24 hours courtesy of Inclusive Design 24.

In two days: 23rd September, don’t miss out!

My book, Accessibility for Everyone, is back in stock in paperback! Hooray! 💚📗 (And big thank you, A Book Apart.)

Preorder yours now and it’ll be with you in 6-8 weeks.

Not on elementary OS?

Couldn’t care less about task switchers?

That’s OK, you can still download and use the lovely wallpaper by @margodeweerdt you see in the screenshot in the previous post.


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Join us live in 15 minutes for Small Is Beautiful. Our topic this week: One Bad Apple.

If Apple can no longer be trusted on privacy, what are the alternatives and how do they fare on topics like security and accessibility?

#SmallIsBeautiful #Apple #privacy

This is a long shot, but has anyone worked out how to get an Elgato Key Light Air to consistently connect to a Mac? Mine seems to be really temperamental.

A long read where everyone comes out looking bad. (And those portrayed as the ”defenders of privacy” aren’t necessarily doing so out of the goodness of their hearts either!)


Folks who signed up for the mailing list, I’m really sorry I can’t email you about the skipped livestream tonight. I’ve managed to lock myself out of my Buttondown account 😞

Promise that I’ll get it fixed and get emails out to you in time for next month’s stream!

We’re skipping July’s Small is Beautiful this month as @aral is getting his second COVID vaccination the day before. We’ll be back in August!

You can get a reminder for next month’s stream via email or RSS on

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