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Not on elementary OS?

Couldn’t care less about task switchers?

That’s OK, you can still download and use the lovely wallpaper by @margodeweerdt you see in the screenshot in the previous post.


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Join us live in 15 minutes for Small Is Beautiful. Our topic this week: One Bad Apple.

If Apple can no longer be trusted on privacy, what are the alternatives and how do they fare on topics like security and accessibility?

#SmallIsBeautiful #Apple #privacy

This is a long shot, but has anyone worked out how to get an Elgato Key Light Air to consistently connect to a Mac? Mine seems to be really temperamental.

A long read where everyone comes out looking bad. (And those portrayed as the ”defenders of privacy” aren’t necessarily doing so out of the goodness of their hearts either!)


Folks who signed up for the mailing list, I’m really sorry I can’t email you about the skipped livestream tonight. I’ve managed to lock myself out of my Buttondown account 😞

Promise that I’ll get it fixed and get emails out to you in time for next month’s stream!

We’re skipping July’s Small is Beautiful this month as @aral is getting his second COVID vaccination the day before. We’ll be back in August!

You can get a reminder for next month’s stream via email or RSS on

“[Hamid Khan] says tools like Citizen, with their patina of officialdom and impartial reporting, ‘are becoming a license to racially profile and go after some of the most vulnerable community members—particularly the unhoused—and to criminalize them.’”

New blocking rules! On 30th June 2021, Laura blocked one blocker blocker, fixed three sites and blocked five new trackers.

The rules will auto-update if the app is running. If it’s not, you can get the new rules by opening the app and choosing ‘Update rules’ or ‘Check again now’ from Better’s menu.

“Every day, consumers are exposed to extensive commercial surveillance online. This leads to manipulation, fraud, discrimination and privacy violations. Information about what we like, our purchases, mental and physical health, sexual orientation, location and political views are collected, combined and used under the guise of targeting advertising.”

“I think transparency and control are important. I think it is really problematic to put the burden on consumers to work through the markets and the use of data, figure out who has their data, how it’s being used, make decisions… I think you end up with notice fatigue; I think you end up with decision fatigue; you get very abusive manipulation of dark patterns to push people into decisions.’”

Last night’s episode of Small is Beautiful is now up on our site with transcript, captions and links to everything we discussed.

As I mentioned on the Small is Beautiful live stream, you can now sign up for email (or RSS) notifications for upcoming Small Is Beautiful live streams. I’ll send you just one email a month to tell you the time, topic and guest for the next stream, and that’s it!

Well that was fun and different! If you had issues with the streaming, we are really sorry. We’ll improve our settings for next week!

The video will be available on our site with transcript and captions hopefully in the next 24 hours (I’ll work my hardest.)

And finally… Olav, the kind Olav. We need to find a way to get your tshirt to you… please drop me an email to if you read this!

To mark our moving our Small Is Beautiful live stream to Owncast, the lovely @gabek gave us five t-shirts (unisex & women’s cut) to give away today.

To get one, join us in the studio during the stream (we’ll give out the link during) and ask us a question or add your voice to the topic (text or on camera).

When: 5PM Irish time

Or, order a t-shirt now and help support the Owncast folks:

#SmallTech #SmallWeb #SmallIsBeautiful

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