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Half an hour til the livestream! (See previous toots!)

A less tired person would’ve thought to add a link there. Previous livestreams all up on:

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If you miss the livestream, never fear! The video is always available on our site near-instantly, and I try to get a good transcript and captions up within a day or two.

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On today’s livestream (5pm Irish time), we’re going to talk about @better and its impact on both accessibility and privacy, inspired by the National Rail earlier in the week.)

You can join in with us (with headphones and mic!) in the studio too:

Captions are now working! My fault… don’t try to include unescaped code in your captions. Wrote up a bit about how it failed silently on my site:

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And now the video for last week’s Small is Beautiful, introducing the Svelte Nano Donation component, is up on our site with a transcript.

Captions coming shortly, just trying to work out why Vimeo isn’t showing them correctly…

I’ve added a custom dictionary and yet the auto-transcription can’t ever transcribe mine and @aral’s names correctly.

Why could that possibly be? 🤔

(I do actually know, it’s because our non-English names are too “foreign.” And clearly my non-American accent doesn’t help.)

This week’s Small Is Beautiful livestream will be on “National Rail Fail: lessons to be learned on privacy and accessibility”

How come
@better fixes the National Rail site? What are the wider implications?

Thursday 15th April, 5pm (Irish time) at

It’ll be me and @aral this week. Back in separate rooms, I suspect.

Also the first “outing” for the first ever outfit I’ve sewed myself.

Much fun was had, being in the same room, messing with the camera focus, and most importantly, talking about Nano (and why we don’t like most cryptocurrencies) and the design and development decisions behind the component.

If you missed the live stream, you can watch our unscheduled Small Is Beautiful episode for the Svelte Nano Donation component release.

We covered:

- using it with SvelteKit
- using it in plain html/css (via Vite)
- accessibility considerations, etc.

#nano #svelte #sveltekit #vitejs #SmallTech #a11y

In half an hour, @aral and I will be doing a special mini Small is Beautiful live stream to talk about the Nano donation widget Svelte component we’ve made for not-for-profits.

Watch live at:

A bit close to the end of the month for my liking, but new blocking rules are now out!

If you use Better and find any unblocked trackers or issues with sites, please let me know (@ me, @better or email) and I’ll use those reports to make Better better for everyone 😊

New blocking rules! On 31st March 2021, Laura blocked a blocker blocker, fixed a site and blocked ten new trackers.

The rules will auto-update if the app is running. If it’s not, you can get the new rules by opening the app and choosing ‘Update rules’ or ‘Check again now’ from Better’s menu.

In case you’re a person on here who’s still trying to get away from Twitter, I wrote a user stylesheet that might help you:

Don’t mean to keep going on about @better App Store reviews, but these little bits of feedback have a big impact on my psyche. And if you are one of those people who left a 5 star review lately, you have actually made me a little bit (happy) tearful this morning.

Has anyone written up how they do dark mode theming in their CSS? The theme I’ve been working on for Site.js has multiple colour themes, and the stylesheets (using CSS variables) are feeling a bit out of control… thinking I could learn from others’ approaches.

App Store review for @better saying “developer is with fake account promoting his own product.” I’ve had to point out that if I were doing that, we’d have more 5 star reviews 😂 (And trust me, my eyes rolled at that assumption of developer gender.)

You can now watch yesterday’s Small is Beautiful livestream with guest David Heinemeier Hansson, with captions, or read the transcript at

We covered so many topics! Including Small Tech (vs Big Tech), business models, ethical design, scaling organisations, and much more.

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