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And now we have the captions and transcript up on our site for the Small is Beautiful #3 livestream.

This was a really great discussion, so much fascinating detail on the strategies for introducing more ethical (and easy-to-use!) computers into schools.

I really really believe that captions and transcripts should be included with videos by default. But blimey, doing hour-long video streams every week has really been testing my commitment to that. Especially when we don’t have money to spend. But I’m determined!

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Been testing Simon Says for transcripts/captions today and I think I might be in love with a web app that’s going to save me hours and hours.

Automated transcript has great accuracy as a starting point (including for non-native English speakers!) and combined with the well-designed editing tools, I’m able to edit so much faster. Prices are also affordable for our tiny not-for-profit organisation.

Join us and our guests live on Small Is Beautiful today (in just under an hour and a half) to talk about ways we can prevent the Googleification of schools. How can we encourage free and open ethical alternatives instead of normalising surveillance capitalism for the next generation?

(Have your webcam/mic/headphones ready if you want to join the stream or ask a question. We’ll give out the studio URL during the stream.)

#SmallIsBeautiful #Education #Technology

This afternoon’s live stream has some fantastic guests. Let’s hope last week’s surprise guest behaves himself this time…

I’ve been using Thisten, which is a really affordable starting point, and editing from there. If anyone has any tips on other tools and workflows for producing both transcripts and captions from the same source material, I’d love to hear them.

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If anyone has any feedback on the formatting/readability of either the transcripts or captions, please let me know. As I’m putting all this effort in, I want to make sure they’re as usable and useful as they can be!

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Just added captions and transcripts to both of our Small is Beautiful live stream videos.

For this evening’s stream, and future streams, I’m going to try to get the transcript and caption done and up much faster.

Not going to lie, it is hard work and time-consuming creating a transcript/captions for hour-long conversational streams.

Small is Beautiful

Next live stream: Free and Open Education with Pine64 and elementary OS

We’ll be joined by Nicolas Vivant, CIO of the city of Fontaine, who oversaw the deployment of 200+ elementary OS PCs and Debian servers in schools. Our other guests are Cassidy James Blaede (elementary OS), Lukasz Erecinski (Pine64), and Pernille Tranberg (Data Ethics EU).

Thursday, Jan 14, 2021 – 5PM Cork (UTC +0) / 12PM NY (UTC -5) / 9AM SF (UTC -8)


Snow Boy loves even the littlest dusting of snow. Lots of energy this morning.

Small is Beautiful

Our first stream for 2021 is tomorrow.

Join @laura and me for an update on our work on @better, Site.js (, and Small Web (

Have your webcam/mic and headphones ready if you want to join the conversation in the studio.

#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech #SmallWeb #LiveStream

Apparently my site is one of only five sites reviewed by Terms of Service; Didn’t Read that has been given a Privacy Grade A rating. (Because I don’t track anyone.)

Strange/cool thing to wake up to on a Monday morning!

New blocking rules! On 24th December 2020, Laura blocked three blocker blockers, fixed five sites and blocked five new trackers.

The rules will auto-update if the app is running. If it’s not, you can get the new rules by opening the app and choosing ‘Update rules’ or ‘Check again now’ from Better’s menu.

Missing my family and friends this Christmas so I made a silly Osky card to send them.

Lots of love to everyone, especially those staying away to keep the ones they love safe x

Sadly, we’re cancelling this as our web host has suffered a distributed denial of service attack and things are still shaky with a couple of hours to go.

We might reschedule or pick things up again next year.

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Developers adding multiple third-party analytics to their pages like they really want to find out how much visitors hate slow websites.

I always recommend as a good place to start if you’re looking for alternatives to Google products:

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