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I’d like to draw attention to the drool hanging out of the right side of his mouth, just so you know this majesty is an act.

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Getting back to his old imperious self. Two shortish walks a day doing us both good. And yes, I gave myself a bad lockdown haircut.

Utterly unimpressed by a 15 minute on-lead walk after over a week of no walks. Convalescence be damned.

What a deal! Buy a fabulous A Book Apart book for yourself and get a free ebook for someone you love (or someone who needs a nudge on accessibility…! 😉)

A great day to stock up your own A Book Apart library. (My book is out of stock, but there’s so many other fantastic and valuable books there!)

If you want to read or watch the whole talk, it’s up at If you want to read or watch the whole talk, it’s up at

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Now of course I see the typo in the slides transcript/screenshot. 😞

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For those who won’t follow the link:
IAB Europe’s ad tracking consent framework found to fail GDPR standard

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Managed to have a stretched-out birthday week thanks to @aral spoiling me rotten, making up for being separated from my family by covid restrictions, 500km and the Irish sea.

Topped the week off with a stinking cold. Just got to get through today to make it to new Discovery!

As a tracking nerd (as in I hate it, but know a fair bit about it), the subtitle on this article made me chuckle. This is a really great explainer about first party vs third-party tracking, focusing on Facebook:

I think any person building stuff for the web should be subscribed to The Markup. They’re publishing really useful explainers, and giving us a lot of insight into the impact of “our” common practices.

Or should that be…

Tech boys… websites as fragile as their javascript-riddled egos.

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This toot brought to you by my work this afternoon:

Q: “Why does the content not load on this site?”
A: Third-party JS!
Q: “Why are all the links on this site broken?”
A: Third-party JS!

Text and links should not require another person’s JavaScript to work.

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Tech boys… egos as fragile as their javascript-riddled websites.

Pretty immense lineup for Inclusive Design 24, and it’s free with no registration required! Know what I’ll be doing this THURSDAY…

(Corrected because I am bad at timezones)

Turns out that I still get nervous before an online conference talk! But I’m set up and ready to go for SmashingConf! (Thanks @aral for the photo.)

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