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“To say the internet has a huge impact on our society is an understatement. And the data and privacy missteps committed by Big Tech disproportionately affect historically marginalized communities.”

The lot of this is infinitely quotable. And if you’re a person in tech who is starting to care about justice, equality, ethics and so on, please please read the exceptional advice at the end of the article.

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“Prodigal tech bro stories skip straight from the past, when they were part of something that—surprise!—turned out to be bad, to the present, where they are now a moral authority on how to do good, but without the transitional moments of revelation and remorse”

Please tell me International Women’s Day is the right day for a woman to have a tearful meltdown about her worklife inadequacies. (You don’t need to tell me… I already did it.)

I don’t post like I used to because the responses from men have become unbearable. The gamut of creepy, condescending or copycat. They do it in person at conferences too, which makes me think twice about speaking. (And I witness this being far worse for women less white than me.)

“When you look into the way Spotify’s slowly morphed its playlists into data-mining machines, suddenly it makes a lot more sense.”

If you insist on Mothers Day marketing, please give me a quick way to opt out. This time of year is a constant pummelling reminder that my mum isn’t here anymore. It’s a very unsubscribey feeling.

Good on Planned Parenthood for doing the right thing and removing the Facebook tracking. But it’s shocking that developers are ignorant to the tracking embedded in these frameworks and libraries. It’s irresponsible.

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“Glued together, these scraps of information create a collage of my overall health, which Facebook can then sell advertisements against. In collecting data about my health behavior and interests, Facebook probably knows more about my health than my doctor.”

“In a democratic society, we should not accept our images being secretly collected and retained to create a mass surveillance database to be used, disclosed, and analyzed at the whim of an unaccountable company.”—Jeramie D. Scott

Anybody know if Facebook’s open graph has support for image alt text?

“We should not be scared of permanent records. We should be scared of informational power dynamics that bring immediate, harmful consequences and a serious lack of preservation infrastructure for contemporary culture.”—Meg Leta Jones

Anybody know of good explainers on RSS and how to subscribe to feeds/nice feed readers etc?

(I’m writing something similar but would love if somebody clever has done work I can link to instead!)

⏰ LAUNCH DAY! ⏰ Okay, I have until May 1st to fund my book "Bye Bye, Billionaires". Please help in any way you can, even if it's just a share!

It's a book about capitalism, and what's wrong with capitalism, written in plain English.

“Americans with disabilities should not be an afterthought for tech companies… And they should be able to easily learn why they were targeted by those ads, just like everyone else.”

via Claire Brotherton on Twitter

“We want to investigate the ecosystem of data exploitation, and we don’t think we can do that while shackled to it. And so we make a privacy promise to you, our readers: We will not track you.”

A media organisation that’s leading on privacy. This is SO COOL.

“‘They’re not really changing underlying tactics [of how they track us], they’re just channeling it all through Google,‘ Renieris told Digital Trends.”

“‘Google mentioning law enforcement at all in the Reuters announcement was a bit of a red herring, in other words, to distract from the everyday user data at stake,’ Burns added.”

Every tech policy article needs Heather Burns doing bullshit detection.

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