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Anybody know if Facebook’s open graph has support for image alt text?

“We should not be scared of permanent records. We should be scared of informational power dynamics that bring immediate, harmful consequences and a serious lack of preservation infrastructure for contemporary culture.”—Meg Leta Jones

Anybody know of good explainers on RSS and how to subscribe to feeds/nice feed readers etc?

(I’m writing something similar but would love if somebody clever has done work I can link to instead!)

⏰ LAUNCH DAY! ⏰ Okay, I have until May 1st to fund my book "Bye Bye, Billionaires". Please help in any way you can, even if it's just a share!

It's a book about capitalism, and what's wrong with capitalism, written in plain English.

“Americans with disabilities should not be an afterthought for tech companies… And they should be able to easily learn why they were targeted by those ads, just like everyone else.”

via Claire Brotherton on Twitter

“We want to investigate the ecosystem of data exploitation, and we don’t think we can do that while shackled to it. And so we make a privacy promise to you, our readers: We will not track you.”

A media organisation that’s leading on privacy. This is SO COOL.

“‘They’re not really changing underlying tactics [of how they track us], they’re just channeling it all through Google,‘ Renieris told Digital Trends.”

“‘Google mentioning law enforcement at all in the Reuters announcement was a bit of a red herring, in other words, to distract from the everyday user data at stake,’ Burns added.”

Every tech policy article needs Heather Burns doing bullshit detection.

“This website uses cookies to make things easier. [Accept and close this message]” is possibly some of the worst consent copy I’ve ever read.

What things? Easier how? Easier for who? Easier for the person who ticked “cookie notice done” off their todo list?

Minor blocking rules update! Today I fixed access to spiegel⋅de. If you use that site, please always use in a Private Window to minimise their tracking. —Laura

The rules will auto-update if the app is running. If it’s not, you can get the new rules by choosing ‘Update rules’ or ‘Check again now’ from Better’s menu.

Short hair again! (Well as short as I’m brave enough to go…) Pink cheeks brought to you by the Irish weather.

Not really surprising that I couldn’t help my dad with the cryptic crossword when I just referred to knives as “the cutty things.”

“Using the personal data of millions of Americans against their will is certainly alarming. But what’s the difference between the Chinese government stealing all that information and a data broker amassing it legally without user consent and selling it on the open market?” via @aral

I went to add this article to my site, then saw it goes on to recommend our tracker blocker, @better. Kismet!

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“It is highly disturbing that we still have to have to say this, but websites dealing with such sensitive topics should not track their users for marketing purposes. Your mental health is not and should never be for sale.”

Related: as
@Tatianamac points out, we need to stop using “dark pattern”. For the practices in this particular article, I prefer “deceptive pattern”, “malicious pattern” or “anti-consent pattern” 🙃

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“Both the design and the functionality of them are very manipulative in favor of the first- and third-party collectors where possible.”— David Carroll… “It’s a design problem,” Carroll says, “but it’s a business model problem first and foremost.”

“[A]s the model treats underrepresented traits as undesired traits to receive less weighting, people with disabilities—like other marginalized groups—risk being excluded as a matter of course.”

In this particular case I’m not referring to capitalism… but also that.

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