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Today I am 33. But Apple has perhaps accurately assessed I am nothing more than “a child with an administrator account.”

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Want to make a little chat app? Even me, while very tired and usually not confident in these things, had fun going through the tutorial and getting my own basic chat app going this afternoon.

Site.js holds so much promise and I’m very excited about it.

Very last-minute trip to Stockholm for tomorrow. Give me a shout if you’ll be there!

Don’t be all cocky, pressing buttons without thinking like me! Make sure you have enough disk space before updating!

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Sitting on the floor looking despondently at the carpet while @aral patiently fixes my fudged Catalina install for me. 😞

And trust me, it needed the tightening. Reading a verbatim transcript of myself speaking has made me hate myself and my gratuitous use of “so” and “the thing is…”

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I’m sorry this has taken an unreasonably long time, but my slides from are finally up on my Notist profile. (I wanted to make sure the slides had a proper transcript—it’s a “tightened” version of what I said on the day.)

Tories continue to be the absolute worst. Unsurprising that their “Equalities Minister” turns out to be the “Maintaining Inequalities Minister.”

“Out in the wider world, anonymity is no longer guaranteed. Facial recognition gives police and companies the means of identifying and tracking people of interest, while others are free to go about their business. The real question is: who gets that privilege?”

“Seventeen dollars for a smartphone sounds like a great deal, especially for people living in poverty who can barely afford rent. But there’s a problem: low-cost smartphones are privacy nightmares.”

Yesterday I blogged about how I’m starting to post the links I previously posted on @indie / the site to my own site (and on here.)

Also I wrote a couple of reasons why… including how often my work is attributed to @aral

Been busy on my blog today. Posts should be turning up here at some point. Importantly, my RSS feed *should* be behaving better. But if it’s still being a pain in your feed reader, please let me know 😇

“For decades, the overriding objective of American business and government has been to remove friction from the tracking system, by linking networks, by speeding connections, by eliminating barriers. But friction is the only thing that has ever made privacy, let alone obscurity, possible. If there’s no friction, if we can all be profiled instantly and intimately, then there’s nothing to stop any of our neighbors from being targeted…”

Our app’s reviews are not reviews of me. Our app’s reviews are not reviews of me. Our app’s reviews are not reviews of me.

If I keep telling myself this, maybe reading and replying to reviews will stop making me feel so anxious…

I know, it’s been *ages* but I did a little blocking rules update. Should be back into the regular schedule again now. ☺️

As ever, if you use @better and you come across any problematic sites, let me know. I will try to get things fixed/blocked/unblocked.

💙 New blocking rules! On the 2nd October 2019, Laura blocked adtech on one site, and blocked five new trackers.

“Sites that have relied upon opting EU users into ad-tracking cookies in the hopes they’ll just click okay to make the cookie banner go away are in for a rude awakening.”—Natasha Lomas

“[W]hat’s worth more, the contributions of a lone male genius who assaults and harasses and discriminates against women, or the contributions of a large scientific community unhindered by a misogynistic and unsafe environment?”

“We are often sold a similar bill of goods: big tech companies talk incessantly about how ‘AI’ and digitization will bring a better future. In the present tense, however, putting computers everywhere is bad for most people. It enables advertisers, employers and cops to exercise more control over us – in addition to helping heat the planet.”

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