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I wish tech journalism would find more diversity in the experts whose opinions they quote. I want to hear from experts who understand and represent the needs and concerns of people from marginalised groups. (And I couldn’t care less about what yet another startup CEO farts out.)

They’re making a Discovery spinoff about Section 31 starring the Philippa Georgiou character? YES PLEASE.

After I had a couple of bad experiences recently, I wrote a blog post about fitting mic to people without making them uncomfortable:

“The white Other still benefits from white supremacy. We face discrimination, trauma, pain, violence, exclusion, but it is not the goal of our societal structures. It is more often a product of it.”

‪I’ve always known seating, tables, phones and lecterns weren’t built for me, but didn’t realise my car isn’t designed for me to drive and, because of that, could easily kill me.‬


‪(via @aral)

‪So far my 30s have been about embracing stuff I missed out on in my teens and early 20s because I thought it was “too girly” and “cliché.” Turns out wearing pink, listening to pop and doing facemasks is just fun.‬

‪Irish folks: what accounting software do you use? is it any good?‬

Anybody else had issues getting their captions working with Vimeo? Have validated the .vtt file, works fine with the native video player locally. At the point where I’m not sure if it’s Vimeo or me…

💙 New blocking rules! On 21st February 2019, Laura blocked one blocker blocker, fixed one site, and blocked four new trackers.

To get the new rules, choose ‘Update rules’ or ‘Check again now’ from Better’s menu.

I know it’s lunchtime when I get a visitor in the office…

‪What site would you recommend for tech news coverage? (I’m thinking curated news, not feeds fuelled by recommendation engines.)‬

I wish more sites focused on cool dev would do this, telling you about fun and shiny new things but also specifically mentioning the caveats for accessibility and how they might be addressed.

‪Why waste time on social media, I’m going to go outside and shriek into the wind instead.‬

Give me strength to deal with the men (sorry men, it’s always men) who read something I’ve written and reply with instructions I didn’t need nor asked for.

I’m late to the party, but this article by @ericwbailey contains so much good and clearly-written advice on browser defaults that benefit our web experience and have a big impact on accessibility.

Bookmarking it for future reference and to win arguments!

‪Recently I had another bad experience with a person fitting my mic at a conf where I was speaking. Can anyone recommend good resources on appropriate behaviour for conf tech teams?

(If I’m going to blog about it, I’d like to link to legit advice from people who know their stuff!)‬

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