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I wish more sites focused on cool dev would do this, telling you about fun and shiny new things but also specifically mentioning the caveats for accessibility and how they might be addressed.

‪Why waste time on social media, I’m going to go outside and shriek into the wind instead.‬

Give me strength to deal with the men (sorry men, it’s always men) who read something I’ve written and reply with instructions I didn’t need nor asked for.

I’m late to the party, but this article by @ericwbailey contains so much good and clearly-written advice on browser defaults that benefit our web experience and have a big impact on accessibility.

Bookmarking it for future reference and to win arguments!

‪Recently I had another bad experience with a person fitting my mic at a conf where I was speaking. Can anyone recommend good resources on appropriate behaviour for conf tech teams?

(If I’m going to blog about it, I’d like to link to legit advice from people who know their stuff!)‬

‪I love it when men explain business to me…‬

I can understand journalists not having the ability to effect change in a publication’s dodgy practices and funding model.

But this article is written by “The Editorial Board.”

No wait! There is something less reassuring… the HMRC’s “Prepare your business for the UK leaving the EU” tool. Where you answer 7 questions and it gives you a long list of vague and unhelpful information.

There is nothing less reassuring than the HMRC’s updates on Brexit.

💙 New blocking rules! On 2nd February 2019, Laura fixed one broken site, blocked a blocker blocker on another site, and adtech on a third site.

To get the new rules, choose ‘Update rules’ from Better’s menu.

doing two months’ bookkeeping and I think I have a new bio…

One of the best photos of @gigapup ever taken. Just makes me smile to look at it. (Taken by @aral)

‪The new Skunk Anansie live album is immense and is bringing back brilliant memories of joyful gigs ❤️‬

❝Giving people the option to sell their own data is not privacy! Because consent is impossible.
If you don't know what that data says about you, you cannot possibly consent.❞

‪Started reading Shoshana Zuboff’s The Age Of Surveillance Capitalism on my flight. It is 🔥🔥 terrifying 🔥.‬

I’ve put my slides from yesterday’s talk, ‘People might actually use this’ online with accompanying text. It’s not a transcript, but when the video is up, I’ll post it (with captions) so you can get a real idea of how inarticulate I am in person.

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