@viduno 😂 I get you! you wouldn’t believe the serious replies I get like this, hence my misunderstanding.

‪Why waste time on social media, I’m going to go outside and shriek into the wind instead.‬

@loke @better or greed! Occasionally I think people genuinely don’t consider the human impact of tracking, site visitors are seen as numbers to be manipulated, not other humans.

@loke @better I think a few factors add up to that many, like different features on offer from different trackers, adding new trackers with duplicate functionality without bothering to remove older trackers, people from different departments wanting their own chosen trackers, and a lack of oversight/consideration for the combined impact.

Give me strength to deal with the men (sorry men, it’s always men) who read something I’ve written and reply with instructions I didn’t need nor asked for.

@jana sorry, I don’t know about gifs! I’d probably just try it and see if it works! the file size limit is 50KB, so that's not going to allow for lots of frames in a gif.

@jana i did mine as 250x250 pixels .png file so it looks sharp on hi-res displays, but a much smaller file would work fine.

@mh8 it’s frustrating because I already have speaking terms with some specifications (mostly for my safety) and organisers rarely read it/stick to them. I don’t even need a woman to attach a mic to me, I am fine with a man. (Though I understand others may feel safer that way.) I just need a person who is going to ask or warn me before touching me. And who will then do so in an appropriate manner. It’s not a big ask.

I’m late to the party, but this article by @ericwbailey contains so much good and clearly-written advice on browser defaults that benefit our web experience and have a big impact on accessibility.

Bookmarking it for future reference and to win arguments!


@mh8 yeah, I did that. I’d like for there to be sensible guidance for tech teams so I’m not put in that position in the first place.

‪Recently I had another bad experience with a person fitting my mic at a conf where I was speaking. Can anyone recommend good resources on appropriate behaviour for conf tech teams?

(If I’m going to blog about it, I’d like to link to legit advice from people who know their stuff!)‬

@jana thanks! Go to Settings > Administration > Custom emojis. Let me know if you get stuck!

‪I love it when men explain business to me…‬

@miya the joke is that they say you can’t consent to deliberately obscure terms and conditions which mean you sign your data away without knowledge of how it could be used against you. (I agree with this.) Yet they track readers and use the same methods themselves. (I am broadly pro-regulation.)

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