@danisantos I wrote a bit about it in a talk last year noti.st/laurakalbag/q2hsNO/sli (video at noti.st/laurakalbag/q2hsNO/dis.) Basically I think it’s awful and we absolutely should not be using it on websites for both privacy and accessibility reasons.

‪Like, I’d always known how legacy plugins make old websites hard to access, but never even thought of the impact that might have on archiving and preserving cultural works.

@ff0000 we were given little stickers to stick on our badges. the star also indicates that I’m happy to be approached for conversation by strangers here.

‪They go to the first person to find me (or dm me if you’re shy/can’t find me, and I’ll find you!)‬

‪Friends at ! I have two books to give away here today. My book, Accessibility For Everyone, and a *signed* copy of @heydon’s indispensable Inclusive Components. Do you have a friend that should have these books?‬

Ugh to keyboard shortcuts without alternatives. Feels like I only get the tool or character I need after I’ve first accidentally switched windows, closed a tab, taken a screenshot and typed at least three obscure characters I didn’t want.

This post brought to you by how on earth do I get a € again…

“The tool could identify activists at a protest or an attractive stranger on the subway, revealing not just their names but where they lived, what they did and whom they knew.”


Done some website tweaks. Better grid (thanks to Rachel Andrew’s editorial patterns and Michelle Barker’s clarifying talk at SOTB), bigger type for bigger viewports (love me some fat fonts), reinstating the original nav colours, and some text here and there.


Continually insisting “Britain isn’t racist” is racist in itself because you’re dismissing and diminishing the lived experiences of non-white people as well as the history (and current policies!) of our incredibly racist country.

“If the Court agrees with the [Advocate general]’s opinion, then unlawful bulk surveillance schemes, including one operated by the UK, will be reined in.”


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