What’s all this then? Laura and I have a couple of things we’ll be announcing next week.


Ended up doing my talk barefoot. Decision to paint my toenails gold last week paid off!

Getting ready to go on first this morning. Got thoroughly rained on so I might look a little soggy on stage 😩

I almost forgot to share photos of the gorgeous printed Smashing Magazine! Getting all this into 2000 words was a challenge, but I’m happy with the result. Thank you Rachel Andrew for the opportunity and Owen Gregory for the editing.

You can read more about the magazine (and get a print or digital copy): smashingmagazine.com/2019/07/s

I hate to point out the glaringly obvious, but when they call it a “data policy” and not a “privacy policy”, it’s a red flag. They’re avoiding that tricksy privacy word for a reason…

This post is brought to you by another day spent trawling the policies of jaw-droppingly invasive trackers.

@viduno sorry I missed this before. Yay! I hope you find it useful ☺️

Just watched a tiny little wren hop around outside our door collecting @gigapup’s shedded fur. Hope it’ll make for a cosy nest!

Being a clumsy fool, I sprained my ankle. Osky is unimpressed…

Nu Metal is the perfect soundtrack to blocking trackers for @better. Don’t judge me, it’s really angsty work.

@feynman@fosstodon.org almost as big as me! all the better for hugging though 😊

The “no really, stop taking photos, I want attention” position…

Don’t want to move. Just finished cutting the grass and he’s come to snuggle up next to me…

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