Being a clumsy fool, I sprained my ankle. Osky is unimpressed…

Nu Metal is the perfect soundtrack to blocking trackers for @better. Don’t judge me, it’s really angsty work.

@feynman almost as big as me! all the better for hugging though 😊

The “no really, stop taking photos, I want attention” position…

Don’t want to move. Just finished cutting the grass and he’s come to snuggle up next to me…

Why are the Quantcast consent dialogs now redirecting you to the site’s privacy policy when you hit “Do not accept”…? I don’t know what the legal term is, but imho it’s properly dodgy.

Yikes, my RSS feed is a tedious regurgitation of Google press releases this morning.

Nice little sunrise drive to the airport, heading off to Stockholm for the first time, and with a new talk too.

Everyday Information Architecture by the brilliant Lisa Maria Martin is out today (you might have to hold tight til the US is on working hours) and I wrote about how much I loved reading this book and why you should buy it.

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