Join us for our live stream tomorrow at 5PM Irish time (UTC+1) with special guests @tychi and Michael Toomim to talk about Small Web, the recent DWeb Camp and Braid. I will also be demonstrating the latest Kitten updates.

Full info:

Stream link:

CC @laura

#SmallIsBeautiful #liveStream #kitten #dWebCamp #Braid #SmallTech #SmallWeb

👋 Friends! Join us in New York!

It’ll be my birthday week (definitely a thing), first time in New York, and only my second time in the US ever.

My talk is about the ethical issues around Web3, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and more!

The only way to get the book keeping done is to listen to metal as loud as possible.

Really looking forward to heading back to Front conference next week. I’m first up this year, so I’ll get to relax and enjoy the other talks ☺️

Livestream tickets are available for those who want to participate from home!

When I run for federation president, my platform will be seatbelts on the bridge. End these unnecessary head injuries already!

More than a week of hefty covid symptoms and finally tested positive today as I’m starting to feel more myself again 🙃

Hello Birmingham! Back in Britain for my first in-person talk since before the pandemic. Wish me luck 😂

In one month I’ll be speaking at Birmingham Design Festival. Come join me!

And let me know if you’ll be there, I’m even more socially awkward after pandemic isolation, it’ll be fun 😂

Was just asked to apply to be a Google Women Techmakers Ambassador.

No way. I am not using the little social reach I have to promote the harmful work of Google. And using inclusivity to draw women (or any marginalised folk) into promoting Google is 🤮 aw thanks. That means a lot!

Small Is Beautiful – live stream – starts in a little over half an hour.

Topics covered: web3, web0, NodeKit, Domain…

#SmallTech #SmallWeb #SmallIsBeautiful #web0

Just finished the “slides” for today’s Small Is Beautiful where we’ll be talking about web0 and Laura’s presentation at Ikea, and I’ll demoing a very early NodeKit for the first time.

(Note: these are green-screened onto the video.)

Join us live in one and a half hours – at 5PM Irish Time (UTC) – for Small Is Beautiful.

#SmallTech #SmallWeb #NodeKit #SmallIsBeautiful

@owzim yeah, it’s to avoid redundant duplicate links for screenreaders. (The title of each post is linked to the post with a conventional link.) Should probably add the read more link itself with JS too… thanks for the feedback.

@adamprocter I download the video/audio and then run it through Simon Says ( to get a good base automated transcript. If you’re just after a transcript and not captions, Thisten is a good and affordable option:

Hi folks. Can anyone recommend a good English instructor for 1-1 remote sessions? Looking for someone to help a beginner with their conversational English a few times a week. Their current spoken languages are Farsi with some Finnish.

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