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One of the best photos of @gigapup ever taken. Just makes me smile to look at it. (Taken by @aral)

Ah crypto = cryptocurrencies. cons = conferences.

Still, this one is a truly original comic genius. (Non-English names are scary, aren’t they?!)

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‪I’ve made it, I’ve finally been called an SJW on Reddit.‬

‪(That is an amazing self-own in the title.)‬

Still stuck resting, thanks to flu straining the tissue between my ribs. But I’m being kept company by this majestic fool (and being cared for by @aral.)

Road trip from Cork to Surrey is going well. @gigapup is scoring 4/5 for car behaviour, though I’d generously award him 2/5 for the duration on the ferry.

My first attempt at doing this from scratch, I’ve made a little gingerbread shack. (Photo by @aral, including a sneaky Osky begging in the background.)

This is a next-level anti-GDPR dark pattern from Forbes.

I selected that I only wanted the “required cookies” (no cookies should be required to read a text article.) “This may take up to a few minutes to process.” 🤔

The worst way to start a privacy policy is with a condescending excuse.

If you use Safari on macOS, you can right-click the address bar when visiting a site to get ‘Settings for This Website’ such as disallowing use of mic/camera/location (useful on dodgy sites!) and the page zoom level (handy when the text size is too small!) A very hidden menu.

selfie with eye contact 

Working from home with a full face of makeup willing “look better, feel better” to help me over this full-body cold

It’s been one whole year since my book, Accessibility For Everyone, came out in paperback and ebook from A Book Apart.

Did you read it? Did it help you make more accessible websites? Please tell me you enjoyed it more than @gigapup did…

When you’re rubbish at 3D modelling software but want to get some vaguely realistic shading on your icon design…

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