This afternoon’s live stream has some fantastic guests. Let’s hope last week’s surprise guest behaves himself this time…

Snow Boy loves even the littlest dusting of snow. Lots of energy this morning.

Missing my family and friends this Christmas so I made a silly Osky card to send them.

Lots of love to everyone, especially those staying away to keep the ones they love safe x

My setup isn’t as fancy as last time I did a livestreamed event 😂 but I’m looking forward to it!

Join us in just over 10 minutes!

Getting back to his old imperious self. Two shortish walks a day doing us both good. And yes, I gave myself a bad lockdown haircut.

Utterly unimpressed by a 15 minute on-lead walk after over a week of no walks. Convalescence be damned.

Turns out that I still get nervous before an online conference talk! But I’m set up and ready to go for SmashingConf! (Thanks @aral for the photo.)

Chapter 99 in The Tech Industry Is Broken With Problems It Has No Desire To Fix.

Really looking forward to this… and @aral has fixed up a fabulous setup for streaming video.

Hey! Live: Using the web for social good with Laura Kalbag. 2nd July 2020:

Having trouble keeping my grownup-sized mask on my small round face so I had to go to the supermarket with a bear face.

What you don’t cope with pandemic anxiety by building a complicated system to derive colour palettes with accessible colour contrasts?

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