What you don’t cope with pandemic anxiety by building a complicated system to derive colour palettes with accessible colour contrasts?

Short hair again! (Well as short as I’m brave enough to go…) Pink cheeks brought to you by the Irish weather.

This cute dog is a monster. He can open doors and has developed a habit of bursting into the room when you’re sleeping. When I (lovingly) told him he’s a monster, he struck this pose. This is why he always wins and we are very tired.

‪They go to the first person to find me (or dm me if you’re shy/can’t find me, and I’ll find you!)‬

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‪Friends at ! I have two books to give away here today. My book, Accessibility For Everyone, and a *signed* copy of @heydon’s indispensable Inclusive Components. Do you have a friend that should have these books?‬

Just over a week til I’m taking my purple self to Nottingham! Really looking forward to giving this talk. Join us there? newadventuresconf.com/2020/

My 2020 is going to start right. (With matching nails!) Thanks @heydon 😊

As I’m approaching my mid-thirties, I thought it was about time I had my first ever professional hair cut… now I feel like a Hollywood person. (Nobody told me how luxurious it feels to have another person wash your hair!)

One very large cup of coffee down, I made it to Accessibility Scotland. Now got the whole day to get nervous for my talk, as I’m closing!

Ended up doing my talk barefoot. Decision to paint my toenails gold last week paid off!

Getting ready to go on first this morning. Got thoroughly rained on so I might look a little soggy on stage 😩

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