My book, Accessibility for Everyone, is back in stock in paperback! Hooray! 💚📗 (And big thank you, A Book Apart.)

Preorder yours now and it’ll be with you in 6-8 weeks.

@laura the title seems like it's something I could be interested in. Is there a link or website with more info on the book?

@Corina @laura

Yup, just a pictures says almost nothing about where to buy it.

Actually, I would know if accessibility means good-looking too ? (I'm struggling on that part too).
Or it's another subject maybe... In both case, I'm interested in accessibility.
Is accessibility the concept of "how to make software accessible for most of the people?". Or "make software usable for everyone, independently of their IT skills?".
I would appreciate hearing your quick definition of accessibility... Thanks in advance.

@samuelroland making something easy to use and approachable (to me, the most important elements of “good looking”) are certainly part of making software accessible. My book title means “for everyone“ as in making websites for both disabled and non-disabled people, but also as in instruction for people in many different disciplines/job titles.

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