@laura Hurray! But that is quite late for the first one, is that Ireland being slow?

@ff0000 a combination of slow supply and a cursed age bracket!

@laura ah yes, in the Netherlands we had those troubles as well, although it seems a bit better now! Well at least the first one is in!


Mine is before end of week. I was procrastinating too somehow.

@laura Congrats, hopefully you don’t have to wait too long for the second!

Just started following your blog, and read your post about self-hosting Mastodon. Debating doing that myself if I work up the courage and time to do it. :)

@pimoore if you use a wonderful service like @mastohost, it’s very minimal effort!

@mastohost @laura I’m considering that after reading your article. I’d like to avoid another subscription cost, but I’ve also read multiple sources (including yourself) that it’s not easy to set up or maintain. I have a VPS that I’m trying out some other stuff on, so I’ll probably end up giving this a go nonetheless.

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