“I think transparency and control are important. I think it is really problematic to put the burden on consumers to work through the markets and the use of data, figure out who has their data, how it’s being used, make decisions… I think you end up with notice fatigue; I think you end up with decision fatigue; you get very abusive manipulation of dark patterns to push people into decisions.’”

@laura I agree, but it is telling when you call humans, "consumers". As long as humans are regarded as "consumers", they will be "consumed" by companies. Big or small. I look at my friends, as friends. If they were my "customers", thus "consumers", our relationship would change. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it will. We provide a lot of free educational content and also tools like friendica, peertube, nextcloud and such instances (see and, but I never thought about the people using them as "consumers" since all we do is trade-free. No one has to trade anything to us. Not their currency, data, attention (ads), and so forth. Therefore, us (at TROM) and the people using our tools, are more like friends than anything else. Unless this happens in the world, between those who provide and those who receive, nothing major will change I'd argue.
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