On today’s livestream (5pm Irish time), we’re going to talk about @better and its impact on both accessibility and privacy, inspired by the National Rail earlier in the week.)

You can join in with us (with headphones and mic!) in the studio too:


and @aral has also got something very cool and new to share 😊


If you miss the livestream, never fear! The video is always available on our site near-instantly, and I try to get a good transcript and captions up within a day or two.

A less tired person would’ve thought to add a link there. Previous livestreams all up on: small-tech.org/videos/

@laura So many podcasts/vidcasts with much more money to spend I'm sure don't bother doing transcripts and captions.

Have I said how cool it is that you do all that? I must have, but again: good job!

@panais cheers! It’s worthwhile in so many ways. Also forces me to face my own demons (me, speaking live 😂)

@panais my anxiety begs to differ! It does genuinely help me to learn to squash annoying speech patterns, but also to be a little kinder to myself when I don’t sound as daft as I thought at the time!

@laura I've been watching the Small is Beautiful shows and I've seen some of your talks. If speaking live is hard for you, it doesn't show at all. You're doing great.

@trondd thank you, that’s really kind of you to say, and means a lot to me!

@laura off to catch it now as my calendar reminder had it down on Saturday 🤪 also what camera & lense does @aral use again. Slowly building out live set up for Games Design & Art showcases

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