In half an hour, @aral and I will be doing a special mini Small is Beautiful live stream to talk about the Nano donation widget Svelte component we’ve made for not-for-profits.

Watch live at:

@laura @aral hey @atrilahiji I've no real idea what a "Nano donation widget Svelte component" is, but made me think of your little Eleutheria Pay app :)

@jdaviescoates @laura @aral

Huh yeah i like that nano donation component. Looks like it’s more intended to be used when building donations directly into a site using the svelte framework.

@atrilahiji @jdaviescoates @laura You can also use it with regular html/js – I demonstrate that using Vite in the recording :)

@atrilahiji @jdaviescoates @laura (Goes for any Svelte component. It’s just a class and it’s exported as both a CommonJS and an ESM module.)

@douginamug @laura Haha, yeah :) And you can see who the camera loves ;P

@laura @aral Great to hear you both taking a strong stance on anti-PoW, but positive skepticism on alternatives 👍 @theblockchainsocialist

@douginamug @laura @theblockchainsocialist It doesn’t use proof of work mining. There’s a negligible PoW performed on a wallet per transaction.

@laura @aral You're thinking of getting sveltey with @inventaire right @maxlath @jums ?

Even if not, this might be a nice 'support us' addition anyway.

Also @yala

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