Tomorrow! @aral and I are doing the Small is Beautiful livestream with guest David Heinemeier Hansson, and we’ll be talking all things Small Tech.

The stream is earlier than usual (midday here in Cork) so make sure you don’t miss it. Especially if you want to join us live in the studio!

@laura @aral 🎉 "[...]with guest David Heinemeier Hansson[...]" - Whaaaaat!? This is soooo awesome!😍

In case people don't know:
David Heinemeier Hansson is:
- creator of #RubyOnRails
- creator of #Instiki wiki
- partner at the software development firm #Basecamp (Basecamp probably has the most inspiring company culture there can be, IMO)

Thank you @laura @aral for doing these livestreams and inviting these awesome guests! 💗

#Ruby #CompanyCulture

@janriemer @laura (And, more recently Hey – the email service and Hey World, which lets you have your own site/newsletter by just sending email.) ;)

Thank you for your toot and see you on the stream :)

Hey @laura and @aral !

Wow, that was a nice talk, so glad I could watch it!

While watching, lots of thoughts came to my mind, let me just share this one:
When Victor came on, a question was something towards "how can we be a good company and connect and do business with other good companies?". B-Corp was mentioned (as well as #organice food), but there is also The Economy for the Common Good (#ECG, #ecogood) :

Thanks a lot for that talk and all the other stuff you do!

@laura @aral

Another thought maybe worth sharing:

pay-for (=be the customer) e-mail services from Germany: and

(I don't know if the are "us-proof" in the way DHH pointed out they would have to be, though)

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