UK Twitter is talking about how women feel unsafe in public spaces and it’s prompted me to blog about particularly unsafe when travelling for conferences (and I hope conference organisers will listen!)

@laura I organized a conference 3 years ago and wanted to send all participants a city map by snail mail, but my female boss was adamantly against that; everyone has a smartphone. I like real maps, especially being dropped into an unknown city. Next time I will send her your post.

@laura Oh yeah! I have never before experienced the extreme level of street harassment as I did while in San Diego for a conference. The neighborhood by their convention center felt wildly unsafe to me. I literally got harassed by a stranger while standing in a group of my coworkers as we were waiting outside a nice restaurant for seating.

@hierofalco sorry you had to experience that. I really wish organisers put effort into making people feel safer in their cities.

Laura, thanks so much for sharing this!

I've shared it with a range of people.

You have highlighted times I'm sure I could have done more to keep my friends and colleagues safe, and I'm trying to internalise your suggestions.

I'm a member of my radio club committee so I'm going to push this because our club meetings are effectively mini-conferences and there is a lot we could do to improve the experience for women (and many others!) visiting and joining our club (which is very male)

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