I responded to this issue on GitHub in good faith, but I can’t stop emphasising YOU NEED TO PAY PEOPLE TO DO THE WORK RIGHT. If you want to do better at covering disability and accessibility, pay a disabled consultant to help you.

Relying on "the community" might get you some nice advice from well-meaning people, but be aware that "the community" is limited to those who can afford to/have free time to participate (and I’ll bet those are mostly non-disabled people.)

"We can’t afford to spend money on inclusivity". Yet you can afford other aspects of design, development, promotion. Even if you’re working for free on an open source project, your time still costs money. You’re just prioritising based on your existing skills and knowledge.

@laura I think the social model of disability is really useful in framing things like this. None of us are born with the ability to parse HTML from a computer on the other side of the world directly into our minds. By building things that can only be accessed by specific bodies you are making others disabled.

The more I read messages from Laura, the more obvious it is they are actually connected to the real world reality (crazy i feel i need to use this redundancy to make a point) of tech development.

A somewhat rare thing, lets hope it becomes less so, thereby giving FOSS a future.

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