Video with captions and transcripts for last night’s live stream now up on our site.

A brilliant discussion with our lovely guests about how to fund work that’s for the commons.

@laura such an important topic, and a great, great talk. Thank you and @aral for bringing this to us 🙏

I am tracking funding-related links for inclusion in the #delightful list I maintain. If anyone has any resources to add, I'd be delighted if you could add to the issue at:

The list will get elaborated table entries for the most open / FOSS / non-profit entries, and other - popular, but proprietary (e.g. Patreon) - sources will be merely linked.

Ow, you even made the captions, that's so amazing! May I ask whether you found some almost-automatic way of doing it or whether it's just a lot of very hard work?

Have a look at their previous episode, where Laura explains it all:

The short: there's a paid webservice for transcriptions, plus a little hand-editing.

@Mr_Teatime thanks for sharing that! Let me know if you have any other questions about it, @silmathoron!

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