@randulo there’s a chat window in the studio, but we can only accommodate 10 at a time. Might be a nice idea to do that, or even have a hashtag on here for future streams!

@laura It would be best to have some kind of unlimited chat, but you could just watch here for questions. Maybe use a tag or something and collect questions a day or two before.

@laura PS Please don't start another Discourse or something one has to join, because it's just another barrier. Your audience is probably already on the federation. You and Aral were guests on VUC in 2015: youtube.com/watch?v=rLVyAHMEl6
Has anything changed?

@randulo so much has evolved, though the principles and much of the mission has stayed the same. We’ve written a little about it at small-tech.org/about/ (and more in the News/our own blogs.)

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