Made my setup a little bit more awkward to improve my microphone sound quality this week (keyboard will be on my lap… arms not long enough to take selfie fitting it all in!)

I just today got the same mic as in your picture. Does that black disc in front of it (don't know what it's called) make a big difference?

@wim_v12e “pop shield”, they’re pretty cheap. I think it depends on how you speak. With my British, I emphasise “p” and similar sounds, so it helps prevent the microphone picking up a popping sound when I do it!

@laura Thanks very much! It sounds good in your stream.
The "meta-stream" about your setup and tools was very interesting!

@laura Laura Kalbag, she calls herself "Short-Arms" and we love her nonetheless.

I really enjoy your recordings and the way you teach and entertain us. So glad to be able to join your journey along the road. Also I just noticed that you and your hubby have a LOT of "A"s in your names. 4 each so a total of 8. Well that's something you don't see every day. @aral

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