My not being able to sleep means there’s now a transcript and captions up on our latest video.

We go through our streaming setups, how we do it on a budget, including equipment and creating transcripts and captions.

@laura It feels weird to give this a star! Sorry you didn't sleep... but great work!

@laura @aral Watching back now... enjoyed the information, and amused by lack of cooperation from tech and Oskar. Thanks again for sharing.

@laura I'd be keen on a Small Is Beautiful email of some kind.

@laura I've heard about accessibility on software and even videos, but never thought about #a11y on video streaming. Thanks for pointing that out.

I don't care how much engagement you got for this stream, I think you did a great thing for the society.

#FOSS projects should talk more about #a11y more. Maybe it's because we talk about #a11y less often that caused the 0-questions issue.

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