“Select all images with parking meters”. How am I supposed to know what a US parking meter looks like?!

Stop using this imperialist Google CAPTCHA spyware on your websites!


This is one good reason, but not the only reason.

Captchas are, and encourage bad behaviour!

Please stop putting #reCaptcha or #hCaptcha or any other 3rd party captcha or your webpages!

Just say no to 3rd party captchas!

And do I choose just the squares with the actual meter or also the one with the pole etc etc....I despise these things

@Jkp @laura I have the same problem. I guess this is supposed to be "common sense".

Also for me the Captchas are mostly broken, maybe due to browser settings. Most of the time it says I made a mistake even though I answered correctly, so it forces me to go through five or so of those stupid things.

Remember when recaptcha was a reasonably good thing that was supposed to help digitise books rather than train killer robots?

Sadly, for now, there seems no way to fight back and we are destined to forever search for crosswalks, fire hydrants and traffic lights!

@laura Honest question. If a company has a lot of spam issues on their sign up form. How do you fight that if not with some form of captcha? What is a good solution?

@laura Every website should replace recaptcha with hcaptcha

@laura stop using ANY google spyware on websites (fonts, analytics, etc...)

@laura use google images; and pray you don't need to use a captcha for that yet

@laura we need a decentralized captcha service helping to train openly available AI and NNs.

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