Tech boys… egos as fragile as their javascript-riddled websites.


This toot brought to you by my work this afternoon:

Q: “Why does the content not load on this site?”
A: Third-party JS!
Q: “Why are all the links on this site broken?”
A: Third-party JS!

Text and links should not require another person’s JavaScript to work.

@laura what's the general view on a site'sown js nowadays? I've always tried to go for progressive enhancement with javascript.

@david I believe progressive enhancement is the way to go… but that opinion might get me drowned as a witch in certain circles…

@laura what, you mentioned all that JS might be unnecessary, and people's feelings got hurt? Greaaat.

@douginamug @laura I think sooner they're fools about shitty libraries used, how things are done, and don't put them on their own servers.

Infact a javascript site can be a lot lighter than a html one, for instance select on toot with element inspector to see what html it consist of and compare to how much _data_ i.e., date, author, text, boosted/fave count, you faved/boosted, that's it pretty much. It's way less.

Even though the HTML _could be_ a lot more sparse, it'll still have overhead.

@douginamug @laura had this "JSPat" project that kindah just gave patterns and pushed, which the browser then would put together. (kindah lost interest in it)

Though I don't want javascript for other reasons. (JSPat would generate the site on the server for noscript-ers)

@laura My favorite, as a noscript user, is when a paywall site uses JS to enforce a paywall pop-over but their content loads w/o JS.

@laura Hell, texts and links shouldn't require JavaScript to view/work at all. Does no one use <a href> anymore?

@laura I hope that wasn’t my Vuejs web app 🤪 It’s needs JavaScript full stop 🛑 - but am hoping to make that as accessible as possible... I also managed to completely break it in latest round of testing with 17 students live today 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷‍♂️😂🤪

@laura I’m seeing more & more mainstream websites that are completely dysfunctional without 3rd party js includes. I think this will need to be added to test suites in future.

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