Does selecting “Whatever” constitute consent? 🤔

Good question. I'd say it does not suffice. The user may not care, but they still have to actively express their consent and this has to be recorded to be a legally binding agreement.

Invitatio by the company + Agreement by the user = Legally binding agreement

@laura I remember when I didn't have to deal with this crap. More cookie free websites, please.

@laura ouch... where can I see this? I kinda collect all the tricks of adtech to feint the impression they respect the gdpr ? (Here it's not very subtle... it looks like a test case to say what is not "unambiguous" consent")

@laura Thanks a lot, as always so much gdpr violations/dark patterns on so many points (legitimate interest for them = what we want to do...) :( when will it end...

@laura It is so annoying having to answer a questionnaire when visiting the majority of websites nowadays.

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