Fellow white-passing/white folks: don’t say yes to events with all-white lineups. It is 2020, you should ask about the lineup, put it in your event rider, and ensure you’re not part of the problem. You’ve got to be willing to sit an event out to make space for non-white people.

Not got an event rider? Write one! It’s a really easy way to set expectations. Use it (and your privilege) to make events more inclusive. You can also use it for accessibility requirements (ask for captioning!) You can use a rider for online events too.

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Sometimes lineups aren’t finalised when you’re asked to speak. This is a poor excuse. Specify that you will pull out of an event if you find yourself on an all-white lineup.

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@laura so you are singling a race out for special negative treatment and demanding token minorities, to solve racism? should a celtic or irish festival be boycotted until they find an irish person of color and if they include that one act, you will say it is ok then? demands for absolute multiculturalism in all things is itself a form of racism, and you are selectively applying this against one group of people in a way that appears silly to me. plz explain and ill listen.

@jmichael Punching up is something completely different from punching down. A white man does not have to fear discrimination or violence as a consequence.

Laura was naturally speaking from her context and not for some obscure niche case you have searched for to attack someone for making a valuable contribution to a better society.

Rather than calling on minorities to explain things to you, you could do some thinking or research yourself. That is one more burden they have. @laura

@VictorVenema @laura "a white man does not have to fear discrimination or violence as a consequence", that is just not true. i am stalked regularly for my views in defense of palestinians, and i have been mugged by a black person because as a white person i am assumed to be rich when im not. I did not attack anyone like you are attacking me. The rest of your response is incoherent, you should also try to learn to discuss topics without vitriol.

@jmichael Palestinians: that was not racism by definition.
Mugged: a one off event that happens to everyone. It is in your head that that was racism. You could have interpreted that as a conflict between two humans.

First you claim to want people waste their time on the likes of you to explain things to you and then you call it attacking, incoherent and vitriolic.

I was promised a Mastodon network without racists. I can talk to them on the birdsite. Goodbye. @laura

@jmichael @laura That's /just a bit different/ from being attacked /because you're white/, which is what would be relevant here.

@jmichael @laura I'm white too. I'm not being attacked. We're not being attacked. Nobody's being attacked here.

"Let's make a space for others" is NOT the same as "you're bad get out".

@IceWolf @laura i responded originally to laura boycotting all events that were specifically not diverse enough, for only that reason. like every group of more than 2 white people is just bad no matter what. fwiw i feel baited also, personal attacks followed without addressing my points. also fwiw i am beige not white and i identify, if i have to, as anglo or anglo-saxon. i supported bernie but get treated like a nazi for some reason go figure.

@IceWolf @laura after i responded to laura, 2 people i had never talked to chimed in and cast aspersions, inuendo that i was a racist. i could find it if you want but i muted them. laura did not respond however which i found odd. also it was really rapid like within 5 minutes. this is why i think laura may not be for real.

@jmichael @IceWolf why am I not for real because I don’t check my replies quickly enough? I’m singling out white and white-passing people because they are afforded more opportunities in the tech industry at the expense of non-white people. Yes, choosing speakers by a person’s race/perceived race is not the perfect way to make the industry more equitable, but it’s a concrete step towards addressing our existing biases and increasing representation.

@jmichael @IceWolf Also, I live in Ireland and lots of non-white people live here. Race is absolutely a construct, and very few of us can be certain of our heritage (particularly those whose ancestors were enslaved and taken to other countries), but that doesn’t stop racism from existing and primarily affecting Black people, indigenous people and other people of colour in Europe, North America and the Australian continent.

@laura @IceWolf shills operate in packs, when i get pounced on with personal attacks within 5 minutes by multiple accounts, that is a pattern of inauthenticity i have seen a lot, like at reddit. you made an absolute statement about all events, now you want to backpedal, fine, but when you say "picking a speaker because of their race is not perfect", that is authoritarian racism any way you cut it. not just "concrete" or "more equitable".

@laura @IceWolf anyone more worried about the racial lineup of conferences had better have a lot on record about the plight of palestinians and uigurs before i will even listen to your ideas about "whiteness" there are real concentration camps and genocide going on. like i said i am happy to get rid of the "construct" white, because i am a beige anglo saxon with a native american ancestor.

@laura @IceWolf "white countries" got over the irish vs italian racism that existed a hundred years ago, but media and many industries in the usa is dominated in the united states by a nationality who has actual apartheid. and that country has a history of hating white people and actually sterlizes black people. if you are blind to that, i cant take you seriously.

@IceWolf @laura All of epsteins victims were white 12 year old girls, and despite extreme censorship it was finally demonstrated that israel sterilized african refugees without their knowledge. if you did not know this, lol, wow, you should read more. on top of that, wikipedia is censoring the facts to blame it on white privilege:

@IceWolf @laura it is true i do not know for certain if the muggers attacked me just because i was white or if they also attack black people, but i think it is naive to think there is no anti-white racial component to black on white violence, which it turns out is very, very common. And getting sucker punched by someone wearing a ring, while playing guitar on the street for people, is not something i will soon forget, or all they stole from me, which was a lot. image of the bruise is in my img gallery.

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