“We examined more than 15,000 recent popular queries and found that Google devoted 41 percent of the first page of search results on mobile devices to its own properties and what it calls ‘direct answers,’ which are populated with information copied from other sources, sometimes without their knowledge or consent.”

@laura Of course they do. And the more the better. Google is not about finding content, it is about serving ads with spyware ad nauseam. Maybe we should start to block all google bots from finding our interesting sites until the whole scam kills it self and everybody will know by experience that you should search and find content with other tools.

@hansup @laura

Both my websites block all the 11 Google crawlers I could find. Ķ

There is a small part of the Internet where they can't fly their flag of cultural conquest.

@jamesmullarkey @laura That is super! My web site also. I will have a look at your code to see if I can improve mine. ;-)
With every site hidden from their bots, the quality of their results will go down hill until Google Search will be remembered as the dirty web, that sad AI driven junkyard of useless ads, fake content and creepy malware.
Meanwhile, build and boost beautiful alternatives, small, safe and simple!

@hansup @laura

I've used three different methods to try and be sure ;) Although I don't think one of them works properly. I'll have a look at how you did it on your site.

@laura I've heard this referred to in SEO circles as "zero click searches" and it seems to be a driver behind Google's preference for structured data which is easier for them to extract and manipulate into these kind of results.

@Laura Kalbag Thanks for sharing, very interesting article and research.
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