Chapter 99 in The Tech Industry Is Broken With Problems It Has No Desire To Fix.

@laura so much this!

I am doing a talk on #HOPE2020 about web censorship, and part of it is basically "it's not a ddos, your website is slow and got a reasonable amount of organic traffic". Mind if I use these screenshots (with attribution, of course) in the slides?

Also, working on a tracker-related thing with a friend, would love your input:

(yes, the design is dreadful, we know ;-) )

@laura This solution is too simple. Clearly the right way is to add WebGL :blobowoevil:

For a second I thought it was a real book.

I would buy that book.

@rick_777 I could write that book, but it’d probably be tediously angry.

@laura just noticed that it's 7 MB for a page that is being accessed for, at most, a couple of kilobytes of text. the web was a mistake.

@laura wonder when they'll add an ascii coca-cola logo or such into those http headers.. this is an exciting new adspace

@joeyh @laura

Much later, CNN replies "thank you for your valuable input!"

Nothing improves.

@laura Why Can't I Hold, All These
Problems Of My Own Creation

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