“Eco-fascist rhetoric works to obscure the responsibility of white colonialism and its long history of destruction, as well as imperialist presences in predominantly black and brown countries”

@laura to be honest i think maybe it is too aggressive at labeling things.

Some bouts of misanthropy is pretty much natural given the world we see. It's not entirely clear how likely it is to lead to eco-facism. Though it might be bad enough it just lowers resistance.

Also i am not sure you can generally tie white supremacy to resource overuse. China has almost a terrwatt of coal power, and they and other Asian countries are have or are underway to having a consumerist society.

@laura tbh i think misanthropic people should earlier be reminded about which people are actually putting pressures on the environment, and reminded that everyones' life should be valuable. (or else.) Than being told about there being some nutter brainworm extremists existing, or somewhat abstract(and sometimes too derived) terminology.

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