What’s your favourite RSS feed reader?

I’ve got a few options to recommend for the web and macOS/iOS but not many browser extensions, or feed readers for Windows or Linux.

@laura Hey Laura, hope you 3 are well.
Liferea for linux, though not sexy, does the job.

@panais @laura

I use Liferea too but its search engine is awful (no way to search in a particular feed for example).

@laura feedbro browser extension,

unfortunately not open source and the name is ... quite bro-centric. ^^

@laura Hello 🙂
It's for me, with it's own client on iOS and the web UI everywhere else.

@laura Personally, I don't like feed readers that download all the entries and give me an unread count. I'm in the "river of news" camp. I've written a little script that fetches all the feeds and creates a static web page; I call it every four hours. In the tradition of Planet, Planet Venus and Planet Pluto, I call mine Planet Jupiter.


Example installation:

What is a River of News aggregator?

Thanks. Planets used to be really common for communities around programming languages and tools, e.g.
But I guess the others all got eaten by Google Reader, Bloglines, and now Feedly and friends? Or perhaps the decline of blogging in general.


@kensanata Wow you're right I totally forgot about them as a thing - was most familiar with Planet Quake as my source for maps for, well, Quake, the video game. @laura

@kensanata @emsenn @laura So I found this plugin [1] to nicely integrate with my static website. In principle this would work if I just rebuild the website with a daily cronjob. Is this a good idea? The alternatives would be

1. to populate the feeds dynamically using JS. Sounds lightweight but would send several requests everytime it loads :/
2. deploy a stand alone server side application

@ashwinvis Nice; sounds like the other planets out there! In my case I run a cron job every four hours to fetch the feeds; but then I also offer it as a “service” to other people interested in the topic.
@emsenn @laura

@laura to manage and track them. I use the web front end on Linux, and Reeder on Mac/iOS.

@laura I use Nextcloud News which works pretty great. It has an android app on F-Droid too. But I don't think there's a native client for Windows or Linux.

For me it's great because I already use Nextcloud, but for somebody that does not already host/use Nextcloud it's probably overkill.

@mpjgregoire @brab @laura I recommend Feedly to anyone who asks but I use elfeed personally and it is magnificent.

@laura I use the Feedly service, mostly via ReadKit on macOS and Unread on iOS.

@laura I use FeedReader ( with an RSS aggregator I and a friend have been developing ourselves called The Arsse (

@laura I'm using freshrss which works pretty well.

@Laura Kalbag I'm using a self hosted instance of Tiny Tiny RSS. It's quite nice and gives me a consistent view regardless of which machine I'm on.There's also a quite nice mobile app on f-droid.

@laura We use RSS Guard at work since those are mostly Windows machines. It's slightly clunky (feels a little "old" in its UI) but based on Qt and seems to run most everywhere.

@charlag @laura

I used it briefly and it' not bad at all

There's also "Raven"

@laura I use Tiny Tiny RSS all the time

My instance is at (URL subject to change soon :blobwink:​)

There are good mobile clients and you can publish a private feed that contains all of the news from your other feeds that you can add to any reader you'd like

@laura readkit, monocle/aperture, tinyrss,, all for diff aspects so no distinct favourite

@laura I use the «feeds-reader» plugin for Claws Mail. It simply aggregates the feeds I follow as a «mailbox», it's honestly not very different from reading messages from a mailing list.

@laura although the interface is ugly I am used and in love with #Newsblur

@laura I use tinytinyRSS, because you can create filters so subjects that are the most important stay on the top and vice versa.

@laura I've been happy with Newsblur. Tiny Tiny RSS also worked for me a few years ago. For a desktop one, I think I liked QuietRSS, but I didn't use it for a long time.

@laura For linux I have trid some. I always got back to newsboat so far. Mostly because it limits things down to just text, pretty distraction free (you can configure it to open links in a browser like firefox - I stuck with lynx for the same reasons I stuck with newsboat, although this has some drawbacks).
I've been happy with ttrss as well for a while, if you like a more "modern" interface.

@laura I've used Lire the last few years, and like it.

@laura I use nextcloud news and its related android app to sync up my reading

I've used liferea and others in the past (linux). I changed to tt-rss some time ago, and i'm quite glad about it :)

@laura I just use RSS reader in #Android :androidalt: and I use Flym (Available at FDroid :fdroid:)

@laura I'm living in Emacs, so elfeed is my feed reader of choice. Should work anywhere Emacs runs.

(Not recommended if you're not an Emacs user, unless you want to become one. But there are better emacs packages to get hooked onto than elfeed.)

@laura I would love to read your recommandations, as I can’t find any good option (gonna end up by building one myself in the next 3 years…).

@meduz @laura

TTRSS ? Written in PHP, highly customizable (you can have custom filters for example), simple to use, multi-user.

It’s not the prettiest but it gets the job more than done.

@laura I've long enjoyed Vienna on macOS, primarily for keeping up with way too many webcomics. =:)

@laura I'm pretty with Liferea, though I can think of design improvements.

@laura really like cause i dont use the purchase option and it helps me calm my anxiety about finding everything out Right Now since it only gives a certain amount you can read for updates

@laura I tend to use Feedly although I've pondered shifting to a Tiny Tiny RSS install but I've just not gotten the motivation to do it. That its the same view at home, work, and mobile makes a web version make sense to me.


I used tt-rss for years but when I moved servers last year I went to Thunderbird temporarily and decided I like having RSS and email integrated in the same app. Also keeping it off the web keeps me from obsessively checking for new posts.

@laura The new NetNewsWire! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

@laura As someone who has spent years in Google Reader, and then Feedly, I've *really* been enjoying #Fraidycat on Firefox.

It's very much a river of news style reader, but the lack of an "unread" count has been incredibly helpful WRT managing my anxiety.

@boogah @laura > No one can noisily take over this page, since every follow has a summary that takes up a mere two lines.

This is incredible! I want such a mode for masto.

@laura rss2email, in part because I like reading RSS feeds in my email client.

@laura i've been using recently and i'm really happy with it! it's a self-hosted web app, so you might already know about it? but it's super simple and fast and has fever api support so you can connect a variety of clients to it :blobcat:

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