I just can’t with Google. I do not understand why the web community (mostly) views Facebook as questionable but treats Google as socially acceptable. Lines drawn at their own convenience.

@laura absolutely same experience here. My mission since about half a year is to get people google-free. Starting with our agency and family.

@laura I guess for most people it's much harder to not use Google services than to avoid Facebook.


For me, a big difference is the knowledge that using Facebook greatly influences you as a user directly (attention tricks), whereas with Google you use it for just a few seconds and you get what you were looking for. The fact that your data is 'leaking' to Google is a more distant problem, since you can't easily pinpoint direct consequences.

Using Mastodon over Facebook / Twitter makes me feel more in control than using DuckDuckGo and Startpage over Google.

@laura I don't think Google is really considered socially acceptable, *but* a reason to be somewhat less antagonistic about them is that people primarily feel pressured to use Facebook because Facebook managed to get their friends to want them to, whereas people feel the need to use Google products because they actually work better than the alternatives.

@vinnl @laura. It's hard to avoid Google if you have to use it for work single sign on, email, office tools, cloud services, etc. I'd love to get off Google, but nearly all work contracts I have done in the past 8 years have demanded I use it in some way, so getting off Facebook is easy, but realistically leaving Google is hard. I've cut down, but not out.

@laura I'm a web developer and I avoid anything Google. I only add Google related things to websites if a client specifically asks for it and I offer alternatives.

@laura I'd put it down to the very successful marketing of the 'Dont be evil' slogan but also because Google proffers their services as helping people lead easier lives. Facebook in contrast, promises to connect people; something that is desirable, but ultimately still leaves people disconnected from the very real world in which they live.

@laura Same is true for most other companies that internet people defend
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