“When you look into the way Spotify’s slowly morphed its playlists into data-mining machines, suddenly it makes a lot more sense.”

Pelly's Baffler article rekindled my faith in independent media ✊

@laura I'm so happy to have averted at least this one social thingy.

article quote with reaction 

@laura "In the process of tapping into Spotify day after day after day with some variation of this routine, I’m giving the company not only my emotional state but also my entire schedule. And the company isn’t keeping it quiet—last year, Spotify rolled out “real-time context” targeting that lets brands target their users in “specific moments” throughout their day—an idea that the company’s been toying with for more than half a decade."

"Zoinks" seems appropriate here.

@laura We are at a point in time that not even our moods and feelings are safe from algorithmically driven sales pitches.

Emotion mapping is basically an #AI-driven existential breakdown. But these intrusions into our sense of self can be thwarted by simply using software from ethical companies or choosing to not use software at all for things easily done with human effort.

Thank you for sharing this article. It was a great read that helps people question what’s right in front of us.

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