Anybody know of good explainers on RSS and how to subscribe to feeds/nice feed readers etc?

(I’m writing something similar but would love if somebody clever has done work I can link to instead!)

@laura Don't have any explainers, but Inoreader has been pretty great for me. Not perfect, but it does a lot of what I want from a free program.


Things sometimes missing from explainer articles:

There's a standard for syndication, Atom, but some feedreaders and podcatchers don't handle it.

There's a combined RSS+Atom feed that some sites use. (I've not seen the combined format documented anywhere.)

The use-cases for RSS differ pretty widely between news reading and podcatching. They're both "RSS" but they're otherwise different enough to need separate clients, and frequently separate explainer articles.

@yam655 thanks, that’s helpful. I’m definitely going for a focus on blogs, but I think it’s worth mentioning podcasts too.

@laura step 0 - find an app for your browser that will tell you when a site lists an rss feed, because firefox stopped displaying it.

@laura Under nice readers, I like Brief in Firefox ( ). Not fancy, just does the job.

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