“‘They’re not really changing underlying tactics [of how they track us], they’re just channeling it all through Google,‘ Renieris told Digital Trends.”

@laura Good article but somewhat strange last paragraph: "If it’s clear that Google is responsible, and they genuinely are a privacy preserving company and business, that’s good, Renieris said. But, “There’s good reason to be skeptical."

They are abolutely NOT a privacy preserving company! Being skeptical is not enough, we should be awfully worried! Why is the author all of a sudden pro-Google at the end?

@hansup I think they’re hedging their bets/trying to be “balanced.” I agree, it’s very irritating.

@laura Anything that Google does won't be good for user's privacy. Keep it mind that Google employs over 65 000 people + engineers working in Google's data centers. Google pays damn well and to afford paying well Google won't take action that would decrease its revenue on ads. DuckDuckGo employs about 65 - 70 people and Netflix about the same ! That should tell you something.

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