“Despite many of these datasets containing “anonymized” data, the students say that identifying actual users wasn’t all that difficult.”

Any time someone says “anonymised” or “pseudonymised”, we’ve got to chuck these papers at them… (via @aral)

@laura @aral We've been chucking papers at them for 20 years. The results haven't been good. The UK and AU even responded with laws against de-anonymizing anonymous data - which is of course nonsensical in the first place because if it was anonymous it can't be de-anonymized. Something stronger than papers is required, like both laws and enforcement.

It's not even as if it's hard. Microsoft published a paper 15 years ago on how to compute the data ranges needed to keep data reasonable anonymous

@laura thanks for sharing, FYI I'm following your links from your website RSS feed and the original link is present in it but not on your website (see for instance). Hope it helps!

@dav oh thanks! I didn’t expect the single pages to be visible like that so I haven’t designed them very well. I’ll get it fixed.

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