Brexit Day feels nauseating because it’s a milestone for the country in being more openly anti-immigrant and racist. Not to say the EU is necessarily better, or it’s why people voted in the referendum, but it is the effect. And I’m really sorry to those who will feel that effect.

@laura i just talked to two english friends about this. they’re both really bright young people and they’re heartbroken. they feel like the pawns in a game played by someone for a faint benefit while trying to pay off those who’ll get to bear the brunt of the consequences with rubbish rhetoric.

it’s so painful to see my friends dream of leaving their home because they feel abandoned by it. and then to see the cringy spectacle of farage et al.? truly nauseating.

@laura I've always been conflicted about Brexit. On the one hand, the process is being controlled by thinly veiled fascists. On the other hand, how the EU was implemented was fucking awful and appears to be heading off a cliff.

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