“The problem is that harmful uses of data are often recognized as such only long after the fact. Our society has been especially slow to condemn uses of data that hurt racial and ethnic minorities, the LGBT community, and other ‘undesirables.’”

@laura Very interesting story related to data handling:

This unsung hero was at the origin of what we now call our "national number" ("numéro INSEE"), but delayed/blurred some info to protect Jews from being identified by the administration.

I often think of him in these troubled times, and I wonder how hard it would be to do the same today, given all the server replication etc.

And then I shiver, every time.

@laura Do you know if there are global organisations who are dealing with these issues for the public good? A big part of law and tech issues now is that tech crosses current national boundaries. Solutions as such need to be global. Maybe we will start seeing 'tech refugees' like Snowden or Assange become common place. Maybe these issues will be the birth of a global federation? They challenge our notion of nationality and whom we assosciate with. Maybe this will end patriotism?

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