“[W]hat Spotify calls ‘streaming intelligence’ should be understood as surveillance of its users to fuel its own growth and ability to sell mood-and-moment data to brands.”loca


People might label me a neoluddite or a curmudgeon but I genuinely hate how these companies have taken control of so many things, making money off of our data and lack of privacy and not even giving us ownership of the things they allow us to access.

@UnclearFuture I think those people would be naïve to label you as such. I’m in absolute agreement, it’s why I spend all my working hours trying to make things a bit different.

Do you know if any of this has changed after GDPR? I don’tk know if, for instance, they’re allowed to resell your profile data. One thing specified in their after-GDPR privacy policy, though, is that you can ask Spotify to stop collecting data about you while still using their service.

@alfonsomunozpomer I’ve not looked into it recently, but I suspect they’ll say it’s “anonymised” (which is problematic in itself)

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