“The technology behind the internet is not incompatible with our rights, but the business model Facebook and Google have chosen is.”

Yep, that’s Amnesty International saying that.

@laura It's great that they found some clear words – yet it always irks me that this stuff seems to be posted on sites that use either Google Analytics, Tag Manager or social buttons…

@phryk @laura thats because the developers of the site know less about the internet, than the people that wrote the post...
Trust me, devs nowadays just use this tools because they are easy... There is dumb people everywhere.

@nitox I worked in webdev for years and I don't think it's quite that simple.

Often the request for GA came from customers marketing departments because they had a hard-on for the statistics and got pitched GA in some way or another.

I think only one company ever let me deploy tracking that was at least self-hosted.

The whole tracking bullshit was a big part of why I quit. If you enable this stuff and are prone to self-reflection, you're bound to end up hating yourself at some point…

The last part of this I think is important in understanding why many webdevs apparently don't even *want* to reflect on the issue.

Acknowledging that aiding the construction of the biggest surveillance apparatus in history is a fucked up thing to do to a society after doling this shit out like candy for years is a direct threat to ones self-worth.

Hence many webdevs are extremely reluctant about honestly engaging with the issue.


@phryk @nitox @laura

I'm 1000 percent with what you say, phryk!

But nice article anyhow, Laura.

@laura I'd suggest the book "Surveillance Valley" and say that the first clause in that sentence is open for debate. There are many ways a global network could be designed and we went with the one proposed by military & intelligence.

@laura Sadly this article does not mention any alternatives. The words "alternative", Fediverse" and "Mastodon" do not appear in the text 😞

And, sorry, to say, but even worst:

a) #amnesty is promoting Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. But seems to not be present at all in the Fediverse.

b) #AI is betraying all of visitors to Google, Microsoft and many more by extensively pulling external content.

I think governments generally like mass surveillance, it makes their job easier and they can get a share of the action so the political will to change mass surveillance isn't there. However I want to believe in my government as I don't like to be cynical. I hate feeling that if you value privacy you are alone/ outcast or have something to hide. I think it's important for those who value their privacy to lead by our actions until there are enough people to finally change things.

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well, it'll be interesting to see how the self-centered asswipes running earth try to claim Amnesty International's a hoax or a commie scam or socialism or black mold or whatever the fuck they spout

Thanks Laura for this link.

Is about time organisations started calling out Google and Amazon, not just Facebook.

@laura I wonder if there is a way we can get the legislators and similar folks who @aral spoke to in Belgium earlier this week to see this. It may help to emphasize that this is not "just some guy complaining" and maybe they'll listen to our voices more than the folks doing the damage and fellow who tried to quiet us.

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