How to tell a true friend: they strip the tracking identifiers and amp junk from a url before sharing it with you.

Related: hours of my life spent trying to find the original url from an amp url is TOO MANY.

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Have you tried, at least on desktop that DeAMPing extension? I think that might help?

@UnclearFuture I was just sent a link to it! Thanks! I’ll give it a go…

@GwenfarsGarden @laura Yes, but not everything is tracking stuff. It was supposed to be created for data transmission but most of the times is used for tracking purposes nowadays...

Some specific parameters are pretty clear tracking stuff.
utm_source for instance is one of the tracking parameters for google analytics.

@ekaitz_zarraga @laura thanks for this info. So I am being a good friend, and sticking it to Google. Yay!

@ekaitz_zarraga @GwenfarsGarden @laura fwiw there exist browser plugins that automatically do this, which we find is super convenient vs. doing it by hand

@alexis @ekaitz_zarraga @laura there are? I use Firefox, do you know the name of a suitable add-on?


I love it. I actually created a URL cleanup script specifically for sharing links with my friends. 👍

@laura oh yes, and they also replace shortened URLs with the real URLs. :3

@laura IMO the share feature of the phone should also take care of this. Maybe something Apple can take a lead in.

But also browsers, clipboard managers and all the publishing applications could help here. Would be a neat feature for mastodon, for example.

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