“Platforms *are* societies of intertwined people and machines. There is no such thing as “online life” versus “real life.” We give massive ground if we pretend that these companies are simply having an “effect” or “impact” on some separate society.”

@laura This was good too: "Scale. Platforms want large-scale networks. They need big data, rich connections, constant surveillance. This is so their advertising profiles can be targeted, their algorithms trained, their predictive models improved. This type of scale is not necessarily the scale that works for good public life. Question platforms’ desires for scale."

@laura One of the interesting points in Snowden's autobiography was his description of the Internet of his childhood vs. today. Back then he could try on and dispose of personas and there was a stronger distinction between "real life" and "online life" that allowed one to make mistakes, mature, change ones mind, etc.

He makes a pretty strong case that many of the problems with the modern Internet are rooted in companies wanting to link real identity with online identity for ad targeting.

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