After I had a couple of bad experiences recently, I wrote a blog post about fitting mic to people without making them uncomfortable:

@laura really interesting, thanks, I hadn't thought about any of that.

@laura thinking about it some more and remembering a situation where I was getting measurements for a tux.

The gal measuring me was new and small, and I'm a big guy, and she got a bit friendlier than either of us wanted. Clearly, she was embarrassed and learning, so I didn't comment, but...

It makes me think that there might be some formal guidelines for people who fit clothes that might be applicable and helpful.

@ted yes! I’m sorry you had to go through that. This kind of guidance could benefit so many interactions between strangers.

@laura Great write up! I'm going to share it with a local tech space that holds a conference. Not sure how they do it or if it's been an issue for anyone there, but I think having a clear policy for people to follow and expect is always nice (at least it makes me feel more at ease).

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